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Desert Water Conditioning
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Water Softening in Palm Springs, CA

Water is considered "hard water" when it contains high levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron and arsenic. These metallic concentrations in the water will eventually clog your plumbing, shorten the lifespan of your water heater and other appliances, dry out your skin and prevent detergents from actually cleaning your clothes.
Girl Drinking Clean Water - Water Softening in Palm Springs, CA

Hague water treatments

With Hauge you can expect excellence in chemistry and design in your water softening system installation. The Hauge system offers a multi-compartmentalized chamber that has three different water scrubbing devices:
  • Dirt and Sediment Filter
  • Carbon Filter (this removes chlorine odors)
  • High-Capacity, Fine Mesh Resin
The mesh resin takes out harmful heavy metals and also includes a self-cleaning bacteriostat!

Benefits of Softer Water

  • Cleaner laundry and dishes
  • Won't damage hair or clog skin pores
  • Less bathroom soap scum to clean
  • Fresh taste
  • Won't put costly deposits on plumbing and water heater